Last Time--The Continuing Adventure of All Fallen

Interim--Character Update Pre-Game of Chapter2

Last time in Data City, the group had fallen into various misadventures and were on the infamous magician’s boat Sublime—

Quentin Vitrol was on the boat and was trying to figure out how to deal with the mysterious ninjas that had appeared Forest and Walk—he possessed a yellow crystal in his sample bottle. At level 7 and 2 levels of Jewel familiarity

Millard Woolshire, was on the boat and Jaylett was the only one who encountered him meeting with Forest the ninja in private—Jewel crystal is Blue—tuning fork

Flechette de Lafayette—after attempting to persuade Ranson to not tie Jaylett up and allow her to go on her pilgrimage for more information about what hole has been unearthed in the middle of Data City—peace was maintained upon the Sublime as her the second in command maintains flawlessly—purple crystal—kept it with her psicrystal—it is keeping it company—

4 ranks in jewel familiarity and the new crystal is growing brighter

Tekhart, Hector—Level 6—does not possess a crystal—after having an encounter with Flechette and Ranson in the Bordeaux house Data Cloud, and trying to intervene with help for the slave girl Melonie. He ended up being brought by Ranson Pelor to the Sublime as an accessory of his being out of his head after being thrown by the giant at the Data Cloud.

1000exp for last session No jewel familiarity

Ico—half way to level seven—rank in knowledge local and the two keys of Sully Lighthouse
No Jewel familiarity

Jaylett relinquished her Green singing Crystal favoring her pilgrimage back to the Centre for more background information on the hole in the ground

And Natsuru, decided to remain behind on the boat and go fishing—-still not trusting any parties involved with the expedition to the HOLE.


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