Ico Rett

A mysterious mystical mercenary on a quest against a demon


Base Stats


Strength 16 (+2 Physical Prowess)
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Wisdom 12
Intelligence 12
Charisma 22 (Leveling + 1 and +2 Mental Prowess)

Level 6 Kitsune Type

Base Speed 40 ft
Size Medium
Shape Change Special Ability Kitstune and Human Forms Only
Natural Race Bonus for Acrobatics +2 Acrobatics Rolls
Color of Eyes: Blue
Fur: White
Human Hair Color is White
Human Eyes—Blue

+15 Natural Armor Bonus
14 Touch AC
11 Flat Footed

Fortitude Save +10
Refelx Save 8
Will Save +8




Bloodrager—Bloodline Destined; Improved Uncanny Dodge (EX)-You are never considered flat-footed even against invisible opponents and can never be flanked.


Grew up North of the Bontok Plains in the city of Spire and lived in a merchant wagon with his parents and sister—Until the day the demon came and stole them away into annihilation—with their death, he became a wandering mercenary hoping to find the demon that destroyed his peace of mind.

He came to Data City a day after the attack of the strange creature that everyone in town is talking about was thwarted by the magician Ranson: The Sublime.

Ico Rett

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